Mayflower Gulch Trail

15 Jul

Mayflower Gulch Trail
Parking: large parking lot on the East side of CO Highway 91, exactly 5.8 miles off I-70
Distance: 2.9 miles, out and back
Difficulty: easy to moderate (the steady incline and high altitude may make this moderate for out-of-towners)
Features: wildflowers, abandoned mine
Day hiked: July 13, 2013

I’ve been wanting to do this hike for awhile,  I’ve seen that shot of the mountain through the old mining window before, but never knew where it was taken.  Then a friend of mine posted it on facebook and I was sold!  Since we were heading up to Summit County for a weekend, this was a perfect hike for us to tackle!

The hike starts off in the White River National Forest and is heavily…well…forested.  The trees and wildflowers are beautiful, and when there is a break between the trees, the views are incredible.  Stopping isn’t advisable though, because as soon as we stopped, the mosquitos swarmed on us.  Even though it was a warm morning, we all kept our windbreakers on just to keeps the bugs off!  They seemed to be immune to our bug spray!

The first mile through the shady forest is at a steady incline, but it isn’t too steep so we didn’t have a problem with it.  You will pass two abandoned mine structures on the way up, which give you a chance to take a break while you check them out (if you can take the mosquitos.)  When you come out of the forest, the Old Boston Mine comes into view with the Tenmile Range towering over it.  Try not to feel small while standing here.  It’s incredible.

The boys were thrilled (THRILLED) to explore the old mine and it was a perfect spot for relaxing and enjoying the amazing views.  The trail through the forest isn’t that spectacular, but the destination makes it all worth it!  The trail does continue on if you want to go farther, but we made the mine our turn around point.  The hike back down was easy, but the trail had become very crowded.  I’m glad we did the hike early in the morning!

The boys loved this hike.

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